University Payroll Forms

Below is a list of templates used by the Payroll Office.

Confidentiality Agreement - VSL Roster Listing E-Reports

Required form to obtain access to Monthly Leave E-Reports.
PDF -- Revised: 3/16

Confidentiality Agreement - Payroll Vouchers E-Reports

Required form to abtain access to Payroll Vouchers E-Reports.
PDF -- Revised: 3/16

Off Cycle Payroll Request Form

Form used to request a payroll advance for an individual who missed the payroll deadline for processing checks.
PDF -- Revised: 7/19

12-Month Salary Spread Request Form (Nine-Month Faculty)

This links to the Provost Office website where the 12 month pay option form is available.

Worksheet for Pre Go-Live Missed Hours - Workday

This form is used for un-submitted hourly pay prior to July 1 for Salary Non-Exempt (E-base) or Hourly (H and XH-base) employees. These hours were not submitted for pay in ADIN and will need to be paid out in Workday.

Worksheet for Hours Unable to be Entered into Workday

This form is used for hours that are unable to be entered into Workday. It is important that each day is listed individually on the spreadsheet for the employee and the reason for the missed time is filled out. Once completed, please email the form to